Women’s baths (pot baths, barrel baths, cypress baths)
The women’s baths are home to the three bath types above.
Get silky soft skin from the waters of Amanohashidate, known as the “bath of beauties!”
Men’s baths (outdoor baths, stone baths)
The men’s baths contain stone baths and a richly-flowing outdoor bath along the currents of the Amanohashidate. Please enjoy your soak!
Soak in these baths, and achieve beautiful skin.

Spring name
Amanohashidate Onsen
Spring type
Amanohashidate Onsen
treats neuralgia, myalgia, joint pain, stiff shoulders, paralysis, bruises, chronic digestive ailments, cold extremities, convalescence, fatigue, cuts, burns, chronic skin conditions

The natural waters of Amanohashidate Onsen spring up from sources 1,500m below ground and are ideally suited to therapeutic treatment.
Warm your body from its core in these waters, considered the waters of “bathing beauties.”

Monjusou's Baths
You also gain access to the outdoor garden baths at Monjusou, our sister inn (It is two minutes on foot). Why not take a stroll and stop by over at Monjusou?
You can enjoy their lobby space and souvenir shop. Please do not hesitate to avail yourself of these offerings.
*Please refer to the official Monjusou web site for details.

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