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Based on Article of the Accommodation Regulations, each client must abide by the following rules in order that all clients will be able to stay in our hotel in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. If a guest does not abide by the regulations, that guest might be asked not to use our facilities, and that guest might be liable for any damages. For the customers who visit (for lunch or dinner) without reservations are asked to abide to the following regulations.

  1. The use of fire in the hallway and or guest rooms for the purpose of heating and cooking is prohibited.
  2. Do not smoke in an area where is easily to cause a fire, "NO Smoking in bed".
  3. When not being used, do not touch the fire extinguisher.
  4. Do not bother other guests, such as singing loudly, or any other noisy actions, etc.
  5. The followings items are prohibited in the guest rooms.
    • animals, birds
    • the things with bad smell
    • too many things
    • flammable things such as gunpowder, benzine, etc.
    • non-approved guns and swords
  6. Gambling or any other behaviour that is against public morals in the hallways or guest rooms is prohibited.
  7. Inviting strangers into the guest rooms, to use the facilities and or amenities is prohibited.
  8. The use of guest rooms or the lobby as an office is prohibited.
  9. The use of facilities and or amenities in the hallways or the guest rooms for any other purpose is prohibited.
  10. Removing items from guest rooms or moving them to other places in the hotel is prohibited.
  11. Installation of any foreign item in to guest rooms or any part of our building is prohibited.
  12. Hanging of any items in guest room windows that might ruin the beauty of our hotel appearance is prohibited.
  13. Distribution of business flyers or any other business to clients in our hotel is prohibited.
  14. Leaving unattended luggage or other items in the hallway or lobby is prohibited.
  15. Ordering and delivery of food from outside our hotel is prohibited.
  16. Left and unclaimed items will be kept for a period of 1 month from your departure date, unless otherwise instructed.
  17. Use of phones in guest rooms will be charged to your bill. There are public phones located in the lobby.

Requests to Guests

Our facilities comply with all disaster measures, therefore, we ask you please do not panic in the case of an accident. The followings regulations for day guests ( for lunch or dinner)

When you arrive at your room...

Please confirm the 2 emergency exits and the evacuation route map attached to the inside of your guest room door. Each room has two evacuation routes to the nearest emergency exits. Please walk and confirm these routes. Smoking when walking in the hotel or in bed is prohibited.

When you find a fire...

Please push the emergency alarm bell closest to you, or call to the front desk #9. Please tell to the people there in loud voice. If possible, please extinguish the fire by use of a fire extinguisher. But if you think it's impossible to extinguish, please evacuate immediately.

When a fire occurs in the building...

When a fire is announced by siren or TV emergency broadcasting, please be calm and immediately evacuate with composure from the closest emergency exit.

When you evacuate...

Please follow the instructions of the person in charge or the emergency broadcasting. When you leave your room, please close the door so the fire won't expand and smoke can't spread. Wet a towel with water then cover your nose and mouth with it. Keep a low posture and evacuate along the wall choosing the evacuation route away from the smoke. Do not return to your room to collect your valuables, or any other reason after you have evacuated once, it is too dangerous. Night time evacuation, please use the emergency flash light available in each guest room.

In the event of an earthquake...

Please follow the instructions of the person in charge or the emergency broadcasting